​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


I would like to welcome the membership back after our summer break. Train season is ready to kick into high gear. We are resuming our monthly meets on Sunday September 9th. As a reminder our open meet will be on 11/11/18 so get it on your calendar.

We had our Annual summer outing on Sunday August 12 at the Twin City Model Railroad Museum in Saint Paul. About 45 members and guests attended. We had a great time and the TCMRM were great hosts. I would like to thank TCMRM President and fellow Lakes and Pines Member Oscar Lund for graciously allowing us to come in and stay after hours. Oscar and Al Osterud gave a fantastic overview / history of the clubs and layouts. They also made a pitch for new members. I joined the day we were last there as a club back and 2010 and have enjoyed it immensely. If you have some free time each month and enjoy running trains and volunteering to interact with the public, you will be a good fit. I would like to thank John and Susan Ellingson for their tireless efforts on our club’s behalf. Susan had a beautiful cake decorated for our enjoyment. I also want to think Al Osterud, Rick Krenske and Marlowe Koch for their efforts in making the outing a success. I apologize if I missed any one.

The 64th Annual TCA convention in Warwick, Rhode Island went off without a hitch. They put on an amazing convention and everyone seemed to have a great time. Please review the BOD minutes at your leisure. Rest assured the TCA remains on solid ground and is making money. I was able to have a nice set of Wabash 2367 F3s shipped home.

Please review the “Big Win” contest that is being put on by National. It sounds amazing. Do what you can to sign up new members and win Big! We will be having a brief BOD meeting at the September meet to discuss a few things.

See you on the 9th of September,

Mike Speltz

President Lakes and Pines