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Hey, it’s October and the Fall YORK is coming up soon. One of our Lakes & Pines members, David
Carlson, is looking for a ride to and from York. If you can help him out in any way, please give him a
call at 320-360-5590. He’s a rather new member so your knowledge would be helpful too.
Train show season is definitely here. The West Wisconsin Railroad Club is holding their 17
the Annual Train Show at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center, 3456 Craig Road in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on October 13 & 14. It opens at 10AM on both days. For more information contact John at 715-834-6475.

On October 20, the Newport Model RR Club Flea Market will be held at the Woodbury Senior High
School, 2665 Woodlane Drive in Woodbury, Minnesota from 9AM to 2PM. For more information
contact Ed Petry at 651-233-3310. The Great Train Show returns to Canterbury Park in Shakopee,
Minnesota on November 3 & 4. Hours are 10AM to 4PM. Lakes & Pines member Greg Beckman is
now running the Greater Upper Midwest Train Show & Sale at Century College in White Bear Lake. If
you need tables, contact him now at 651-808-8556. Also, TRAINFEST in Milwaukee is November 10
& 11 and the Granite City Train Show in St Cloud is November 10. Lakes & Pines OPEN meet is
November 11.

Lionel Corporation Tinplate License with MTH To Expire In 2019 The latest and final Lionel Corporation Tinplate catalog has been released as an online interactive flipbook on the MTH website. The 2018/2019 catalog is the tenth and final catalog under the licensing agreement between MTH and Lionel LLC with the current contract set to terminate in 2019. The renewal terms offered by Lionel for an extension beyond 2019 were not conducive for any future MTH tinplate plans. As a result, the items featured in the new catalog are available on a first-come, first-served basis. MTH has always owned all the tooling developed for the Lionel Corporation product line – including locomotives, rolling stock, passenger cars, accessories, and the RealTrax and traditional tubular standard gauge track lines – and will continue to do so once the agreement concludes. MTH will continue production, just without the Lionel name. (I looked through the catalog
myself and found a Chicago & NorthWestern 400E and four matching passenger cars, but I’m lucky,
because I don’t collect Standard Gauge. Can’t afford it anyway.) Now, as the line enters its final
stretch, tinplate enthusiasts have one last chance to obtain a piece of toy train history. Never again
may there be another opportunity for collectors to obtain a cherished item like the MTH licensed
tinplate products offered in this final catalog. Visit www.mthtrains.com to view the catalog online.
Hymie D Berman was born on August 10, 1909 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hymie married Ruth
Schwartz on June 5, 1932. They had a daughter, Judy, and the Judy Company was formed in 1937,
which made educational toys. They made jigsaw puzzles and other toys, such as the farm, made
from printed cardboard and pieces made from hard rubber. Ralph will show the Judy Farm toy at our
October TCA meeting. In 1951 Hymie invented the Judy clock, which was really good for learning.
Hymie and Ruth sold the Judy Company in 1968, but the Judy clock is still being made today. You
can go online to Amazon.com, and type in Judy Clock. You can buy one for around $20.
I thought I would sit down and look through all my Lionel catalogs and see how many Halloween
items have been made through the years. WOW, I’ve come up with at least 50 examples from just
the year 2000 through 2015. So if you’re looking for a special Halloween item, I have the numbers for
2000 – #26719 Bobbing Ghost Halloween Boxcar.
2001 - #26746 Bobbing Vampire Boxcar; #26747 Halloween Bat Aquarium Car; #14072 Haunted
House with flying witch.
2005 - #18730 Transylvania Railroad 4-4-0; #26836 Halloween Boxcar with spooky sounds; #36548
Transylvania Railroad Work Caboose.
2006 - #28695 Halloween Dockside Switcher; #26855 Halloween Animated Gondola; #36550
Halloween Transfer Caboose; #14221 Witche’s Cauldron (witches stirring a pot over a fire).
2007 - #30056 Halloween Train Set (4-4-2 steam engine, boxcar with spooky sounds, animated
gondola, square window caboose); #28428 Halloween Handcar (2 pumpkin head people); #36830
Trick Or Treat Aquarium Car; #36823 Halloween Spooky Smoke Boxcar; #29619 Formaldehyde
Tankcar; #14297 Halloween Witch Pylon (flying witch).
2008 - #28441 Transylvania Trolley; #29882 Witches Operating Brew Car (milkcar); #36857 Bobbing
Ghost Boxcar; #24227 Halloween Animated Billboard; #24264 Monsters People Pack (5 figures);
#24265 Trick Or Treaters People Pack (5 figures).
2009 - #36888 Casper Aquarium Car; #26604 Halloween Spooky Grave Gondola; #16841 Halloween
Gateman; #24284 Halloween Girder Bridge.
2010 - #37033 Casper Animated Gondola; #29636 Vampire Transport Mint Car; #19589 Blood
Transfusion Bunk Car; #36151 Grave’s Blood Bank Tank Car (clear tank car with red liquid).
2011 - #15072 Halloween Boxcar (American Pumpkin Company); #37015 Jack-O-Lantern Flatcar;
#37036 Halloween Operating Globe Car; #37954 Halloween Station Platform; #18745 Hallow’s Eve
4-6-0 (Harry Potter engine); #35219 Hallow’s Eve Passenger Car 2-Pack.
2012 - #11382 Transylvania 0-4-0 Shifter; #37056 Zombie Aquarium Car; #37058 Ghost Globe Car;
#29324 Walking Zombie Brakeman Car; #39363 Peanuts Halloween Boxcar; #29874 Peanuts
Halloween Aquarium Car; #37998 Haunted Passenger Station; #37038 Halloween Searchlight Car.
2013 - #30214 Peanuts Halloween Set (2-4-2 steam engine, tankcar, boxcar, square window
caboose); #37081 Peanuts Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Car.
2014 - #37082 Peanuts Trick Or Treat Chase Gondola.
2015 - #82099 Zombie Apocalypse Survivors Set (GP38, transparent stockcar with zombies,
helicopter flatcar, flatcar with water tank, security caboose); #82251 Zombie Animated Gondola;
#81620 Zombie Figure Pack (5 figures).
That wraps up everything I found through the 2015 catalog. I think that’s everything, but I could have
missed something. Just recently Lionel released a Halloween Lion Chief Plus 2-8-2 Mikado that
starts a series of items called “End Of The Line”. Hey, Lionel’s designers keep coming up with more
trains to try and pry open your wallet and have you part with hundreds of dollars.
Lionel layout in The Twilight Zone. A Lionel enthusiast was watching Twilight Zone and came across
one that definitely shows Lionel trains on what seems to be a dealer layout. Ending credits even
state, “Trains by Lionel”. Art Carney played an alcoholic department store Santa and the layout is
right in front of his chair. There was a ZW transformer, a radioactive waste car, dispatching board
and Santa Fe F3’s. The episode is called “The Night of the Meek”. You can view the show on
YouTube. You can see the layout for nearly 30 seconds at the 5 minute mark and again at the 10
minute mark. It seems more like a mini-ad for Lionel rather than relevant to the show.
OK, we will see you at Merzyn Hall on October 14th.

Roundhouse Rick Krenske reporting.