​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


We are all set for our open meet which is on November 11th.
We will open the doors to sellers at 11:15 am and the rest of
the membership at 12:00 as usual. The public will be allowed
in at 12:15 and we sellers must stay until 2:30 with no
exceptions. Tables are first come first serve and we hope to
fill the place. We will have the tables set up in the open meet
configuration that was developed with Al Osterud’s help.
Steven Roeder will be on hand to offer some of Jerry’s trains
for sale. He was granted two tables in the back in memory of
Jerry. Please welcome him when you see him.
I will not be selling this time since I will be returning from
vacation / deer camp and will be busy with setup and
Admission remains at $3.00 and no coupons were added to
the flyers due to very low redemption rates. The B.O.D
decided not to put an ad in the Star Tribune since attendance
is lighter at the November meet.
We will be running trains and selling refreshments so please
stop by and say hi to the Ladies of the Lakes and Pines and
grab some lunch. All proceeds support the club and keep our
dues from increasing.

There will be a very short board meeting after the November
meet to discuss the annual holiday party which is scheduled
for Sunday December 9th. Save the date!

Hope to see you at the open meet.

Mike Speltz

President Lakes and Pines