​From the President: 

We had a nice turnout for our October meet with almost 40 members attending. There were some nice trains available and people went home with new trains for their collection or layout.

We are all set for our open meet which is on November 12th. We will open the doors to sellers at 11:15 am and the rest of the membership at 12:00 as usual. The public will be allowed in at 12:15 and we sellers must stay until 2:30 with no exceptions. Tables are first come first serve and we hope to fill the place. We will have the tables set up in the new open meet configuration that was developed with Al Osterud’s help. Thanks Al, the membership liked it. We have raised admission to $3.00 however, the many flyers were sent out to the various train shows and hobby shops in the Twin Cities area with a $1.00 off coupon. The flyers were labeled so we can determine where people are finding out about our semi-annual public meets. The B.O.D decided not put an ad in the Star Tribune since attendance is lighter at the November meet. We will be running trains and selling refreshments so please stop by and say hi to the Ladies of the Lakes and Pines and grab some lunch. All proceeds support the club and keep our dues from increasing.

There will be a very short board meeting after the November meet to discuss the annual holiday party which is scheduled for Sunday December 10th. Save the date!

As many of you know I have built the 1957 Lionel Panoramic layout for the Twin City Model Railroad Museum. This is the layout on the back of the 1957 catalog. The layout was quite a challenge to build since the layout paperwork provided by Lionel doesn’t work as shown. There were many more cuts than shown and the wiring schematic from 1957 was less than helpful so I used the 1958 version of the wiring diagram. The entire project took about 5 months to complete and then haul and install at the Museum. Stop by and see our friends at the TCMRM and check out the new display.

See you soon,

Mike Speltz  President

​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association