​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


The April meet was a fun one. It was great to see all the members that were able to attend. There were some nice trains available and a few got a ride home with me. As I always say – you need to be at every meet since you never know what is going to show up. I purchased a beautiful set of 2353 Santa Fe ABA F3s. They look great on the shelfs near the 2343s and the 2383s. I still need a set of 2333s and 2243s to complete the Santa Fe F3 series.

Our next meet is the third Sunday in May on the 19th due to Mother’s day. Please join us for some fun. I am all set for my travel plans for Albuquerque for the 65th National TCA Convention. I am looking forward to representing the Lakes and Pines. Reach out to me if you are planning on attending the convention and we can grab a drink in New Mexico.

A reminder to check out the “Win Big” membership drive. All of the details can be found at: http://www.tcamembers.org/WinBig/index.shtml It is all of our responsibility to continue to attract and gain new members. Without new members we wither away and cease to exist as a club. Do what you can to recruit and you may just win a Big Boy. See details on the TCA website.

Michael Mackner is the newest Member of Lakes and Pines. Michael has been very active at the Twin City Model Railroad museum for the last 60 years and a National TCA member since 1989. We welcome Mr. Mackner and look forward to seeing him at the meets.

See you on the 19th,

Mike Speltz President, Lakes and Pines