​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


Our April meet was well attended, and we were treated to Jeff Ingelbrigtson’s one inch scale circus train. Jeff built the circus wagons and acquired the flat cars through the secondary market. The trains and wagons are amazing. The pictures do not do them justice. If you missed it you can see the photos below.

A reminder that our final meet before we take the summer off will be May 20th . We have our schedule set for 2019 thanks to Al Osterud. Many thanks for your help Al. We got all of the dates we requested in 2019 with only an immaterial increase in rent. We are grateful to have such a wonderful place to meet each month.

The board has narrowed our search down to two locations for our Annual Summer Outing. Please save August 12 for the date this year. More information will be sent as soon as a final decision has been made. See you all on May 20th.

Mike Speltz