​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


At the last two meets I have been asked how long we have been meeting at John P. Murzyn Hall. The first meet at John P. Murzyn Hall, our current meet location, was January 1983. Before January 1983 we were at the Eagle’s Club in St. Paul and the North End Improvement Club on Rice Street in St. Paul. There were more locations we had our meets at. Most of them were only one or two meets. Before I joined TCA in August 1976, meets were held at member’s homes on a regular basis. You may have read articles about Lionel raising chickens at the Lionel factory in Irvington, NJ. The Albumin (egg white) from the eggs was used to make alcohol resisting paint. The paint was used on the face of the Navy compasses. The eggs had to be used within one hour after they are laid. Older eggs would turn the paint yellow.

The picture and news release are from March 1942.

Dale Ferguson