​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


January’s meet was a great time, the coffee was flowing, and the
cookies disappeared. As always there were some great trains on
the table. You never know what may show up but if you aren’t at
the meet you may never find that one piece you are looking for.
Our next meet is February 10th. Please join us for some fun.
The open meet will be on Sunday on March 10th. We will open the
doors for members at 11:15 so they have time to set up prior
to letting the public in around 12:15 or so. Hotdogs and pop will be
available as well. I will get the flyers to the February meet so they
can be distributed to the usual places and I will get an ad up on
Craigslist as well. Please plan on staying the entire time if you are
selling. Please do not line up and stand in the cold prior to 11:15.
Thanks for your support.

The dues will remain at $30.00 for 2019 thanks to the Board’s
focus on keeping costs down while finding new revenue streams
while also providing a summer picnic and a Holiday Party every
year. Our postage reduction continues to be a big reason why we
can do the things we do. If you have an email address and would
rather get it emailed, please let us know.

Please note that the 2019 meeting dates are listed on this
newsletter. Membership cards will be mailed in early 2019 once
your dues are paid. I hope you all choose to renew! If not, please
let us know why you aren’t.

A reminder to check out the “Win Big” membership drive. All of the
details can be found at:
It is all of our responsibility to continue to attract and gain new
members. Without new members we wither away and cease to
exist as a club. Do what you can to recruit and you may just win a
Big Boy. See details on the TCA website.
There will be a brief BOD meeting at the February meet. We are
looking for volunteers to sell refreshments as well as tying up a few
loose ends.
Stay warm and see you all on the 10th,
Mike Speltz