​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association

​From the President: 

I was unable to attend the January meet due to a family commitment. I want to thank everyone who filled in for me.

On a sad note, Michael (Mike) Donahue passed away on January 1, 2018. Mike was an important first step in my journey into train collecting. Mike was the President of the Lakes and Pines in 2005 when I first joined the Train Collectors association. He was a kind and caring person who will truly be missed. Mike and I shared a love of post war Lionel dealer displays. He had many friends across the United States and participated in a lot of train chat rooms. If you remember Mike married his High School sweetheart years ago and moved to Florida to spend his final years. On his Face Book page you can see his trains set up in the background and a smile on his face.

We will be having a B.O.D. meeting on Sunday February 11 after the normal meet. We will not be able to get into the hall until closer to noon due to some delays with set up. Please don’t arrive too early since you will have to wait until the hall is ready. We are closing in on the Open meet that is coming on March 11th. Start gathering the trains and items you would like to sell so you are all prepared.

See you on February 11th , Mike Speltz