​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association

​From the President: 

Our November open meet was well attended with over 50 Lakes and Pines Members in attendance and just over 79 paid guests. 16 of the 79 used a coupon so we were able to add $221 to our bank account. We will take the data gathered from the coupons to find the best use of our resources going forward. The Ladies of the Lakes and Pines did a great job on the refreshments and increased our balance by over $110. Many thanks to them. Back when I was president in 2010 we had just over 30 paying guests to our Fall open meet so all of the hard work from the last group of Presidents and members is paying off. I want to thank the membership for filling the tables with great trains. I couldn’t find an open table. I saw a lot of folks walking around with bags full of trains, so it appeared to be worth everyone’s efforts. I also want to thank Mike Helde and Ralph Reiners for running trains. Bill Kane did a great job as the Train Doctor as well. We signed up two new members as well. I will introduce them at an upcoming meet.

The dues will remain at $30.00 for 2018 thanks to the Board’s focus on keeping costs down while finding new revenue streams while also providing a summer picnic and a Holiday Party every year. Our postage reduction has been a big reason why we can do the things we do. If you have an email address and would rather get it emailed, please let us know. Also, as you read in the November newsletter, Murzyn Hall has been very good to us since 1983 and is a big reason our dues have remained steady.

Please note that the 2018 meeting dates are listed on this newsletter. Membership cards will be mailed in early 2018 once your dues are paid. I hope you all choose to renew! If not, please let us know why you aren’t. Speaking of the Holiday Party, we are all set for December 10th and the Lakes and Pines will be providing the main course, chips and pop and water. Members are encouraged to bring a dish in the usual potluck style. A reminder if you are bringing hot food and need an extension cord, bring an extension cord. If you are bringing a salad that needs a serving spoon, bring a serving spoon. You get the idea. The current board, and anyone else who would like to set up will be meeting at 11:00 to begin setting up. We will open the doors at 11:45 for anyone who would like to set up trains on the south side of the floor. We will open up to the membership at 12:00 and begin the party. If anyone would like to donate a door prize, simply bring it to the party and track down a board member and they will make sure it makes it to center stage. We will be having a drawing after the annual meeting and discussing me staying on as president thru 2018. Send any agenda topics for the annual meeting to me at Mpspeltz@juno.com Ira has donated a beautiful print in Judy’s honor. He would like to raffle it off by selling tickets at the December Holiday Party and possibly the January meet. The Angela Trotter Thomas print (shown on the back page) will be on center stage. We will be selling raffle tickets at the front table for 2 for $10. All proceeds will benefit the Lakes and Pines. Many thanks Ira!

Happy Holidays,

Mike Speltz