​​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


Greetings to all of our Members. Good News! We are tentatively slated to return to
Murzyn Hall on Sunday April 11 at Noon! It will have been over a year since we were
able to get together and I want to thank all of the members that have been so patient
during these trying times. Due to the demographics of the club, I am comfortable with
the decisions the board took during the past year.

We (Lakes and Pines) will be signing a COVID waiver on the day of the show that will
hold Murzyn Hall and Columbia Heights harmless should someone catch the virus.
With that said there will be numerous protocals in place as dictated to Murzyn Hall by
the state. Subject to change prior to April 11th.
All tables will be spaced approximately 6’ apart. All members must wear a mask and try
to maintain social distancing. If you can’t or won’t wear a mask, please join us later in
2021 – this is not optional and is in the waiver we are signing. We are unable to serve
coffee and food of any kind. (Not sure if this will change prior to April 11th.) I can’t even promise the pop machine in the basement will be turned on. As in most places these days the water fountains will probably be turned off as well. So, if you think you are going to be thirsty bring a bottle of water or some coffee.

It is also important to note that this meet is for members only. In other words if you are
not a member we can’t let you in. We are not allowed to have any guests or invite the
public in at this time. This is due to the liability waiver policy in place at the National
level. As an un-incorporated division, we do not have coverage at this time.

Dues for 2020. Despite only having three meets in 2020, the website and mailing
expenses did not end and we were unable to raise additional funds through donations and food sales in November. That being said, if you paid dues in 2020 we have set the dues at $20. If you didn’t pay dues (lapsed or new member), you will be charged the full $30 dues. We feel that the $20 plus the unspent 2020 dues should get us through 2021. That is assuming we are able to meet 6 times at Murzyan Hall, publish all remaining 2021 newsletters and have enough money for a Holiday party in December.
New members can be signed on the day of the meet as long as they have a National TCA
card and #.

I can imagine there is a lot of pent of demand for both buying and selling trains. Please
join us if you are comfortable. If you have any questions for concerns – please reach out
to me at 763-447-0763 or at mpspeltz@yahoo.com.
Please check the website TCALAKESANDPINES.COM prior to April 11th.

Any update will be posted on the home page and we will do our best to inform the membership if we have to cancel the meet. 

We will be getting the board of directors together for a quick meeting towards the end of the meet. Feel free to join us if you would like to get involved.
I hope to see everyone on April 11th.
Stay well and stay safe,

Mike Speltz
President, Lakes and Pines
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