​​Lakes and Pines Division - Train Collectors Association


Congrats to the Lakes and Pines on celebrating 50 years of Train Collecting! 2019 is our golden anniversary. We just gave out two 50 year certificates at the Christmas party to Ralph Reiners and Ron Johnson and I suspect there will be more.

We had a great member turnout for the open meet. Mother nature did not cooperate as we only had a little over 40 guests in attendance. The membership once again filled the tables with some great trains. There were plenty to choose from including some mint gems that came from a local collection. Good thing I forgot my check book. Jerry Roeder’s trains were once again offered for sale as a chance for his nephew to put a few more trains in our membership’s hands. As with every open meet there are a ton of people to thank for their efforts. Mike Helde brought his beautiful modern standard gauge trains to run. Ira Levin and Kay Reiners sold refreshments. Train Doctors Peter Southard and Bill Kane provided train repairs and advice to the public. Marlowe Koch helped with much of the setup and hauling. Susan Ellingson was in charge of the gate. John Ellingson and Ralph Reiners showcased some amazing vintage erector model displays and it was well received. I even saw a posting about it on Facebook. My apologies if I failed to mention any one.

Our next meet is on April 14 and the weather should not be an issue. There are still a few months before the train season slows before the fall when things pick back up. What better way to spend a Sunday than fellowship with fellow train lovers.

If you have still not yet paid your 2019 dues, please send your $30.00 check payable to Lakes & Pines and see Susan at the open meet or mail it using the dues form you were sent with the newsletter.

See you on April 14th,

Mike Speltz President, Lakes and Pines