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WOW, and I mean WOW! Lakes & Pines is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! My marriage only lasted 16 years. Lakes & Pines debuted in 1969 with President Al Miller, followed by Horace Peterson, Ron G. Johnson, Ralph Reiners, Hank Theile, Merle Levitt, Bob Cibuzar, Al Bangert, James Meier, and Al Bangert returned as President in 1978 to wrap up the first 10 years. Remember those names? I, Roundhouse Rick Krenske, joined TCA and Lakes & Pines in 1975. I produced 56 bulletins for L&P between January 1976 and December 1981. In 2004 I started writing Roundhouse Rick’s RR Ramblings, and now here we are with Ramblings #136. I still have a little steam left in me so here we are at it again. While L&P was taking a summer vacation,  Menards had their second big train show in Eau Claire, Wisconsin July 6 & 7. Next year will be July 11 & 12. Union Pacific “Big Boy” steam locomotive #4014 visited St Paul on July 18 and Duluth July 20. L&P decided that instead of a picnic in August, we would have a big 50th Anniversary celebration on our regular September 8 meeting date. Hey, we’re going to have special displays, food and drink, and lots of fun.

The fall round of toy train flea markets starts right after the Minnesota State Fair with the Twin City Model Railroad Museum Fall Hobby Show & Sale on Saturday, September 14 in the Education Building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds from 9AM to 3PM. If you still want to be a train sale vendor, email them at hobbysaleinfo@tcmrm.org The Newport Model RR Club Train Flea Market will be October 19 and the Greater Upper Midwest Train Show & Sale will be November 23.

WE WERE SUNNING OURSELVES AND LIONEL RELEASED 2019 CATALOG VOL. II Lionel released their second catalog of the year and it has 148 pages plus Lionel is jumping back into the HO world, making rolling stock from the former Model Power molds. The cars are not as detailed as offerings from other HO manufacturers so that will allow the cars to sell in the $20 retail range. First we will look at engines in the Built To Order category. We just celebrated the Sesquicentennial of America’s first transcontinental railroad so Lionel is bringing out NEW models of the 4-4-0 CP Jupiter and UP #119. These are not supped up models of their old General engine. These babies cost $1099.99. They are hand crafted in brass with dozens of individually applied brass details. These engines also feature Legacy Control. The 4-4-0 Hybrids also come unpainted or lettered for the Northern Central #17 York, the Central Pacific #63 Leviathan and the Pennsylvania #573. Wood Coach 2-Packs will be available in Union Pacific, Central Pacific, Northern Central, Woodruff and Pennsylvania. Some of the add-on cars feature RailSounds to compliment the 4-4-0’s. Getting a bit more modern, but still in the steam era, are four new versions of Union Pacific “Big Boys”. Union Pacific #4005, Union Pacific #4012 Greyhound, Union Pacific #4014 – Excursion Version and Union Pacific #4014 – First Run Edition. Another big steam engine being offered is the EM-1, Denver & Rio Grande #224, Baltimore & Ohio #7609 and Baltimore & Ohio #7600. B&O’s “wagon-top” cabooses will also be available in four different versions. Lionel has also added some “what if” schemes for the EM-1. How about a Duluth Missabe & Iron Range #220, a Northern Pacific #5011, a Union Pacific #4050 or a Western Maryland #1213? Lionel offers new 4-8-4s in six new roadnames including Rock Island #5100. ATSF 3751 Class 4-8-4s will be available in four different paint schemes including #3765 that was to be delivered to the Santa Fe in a two-toned blue and silver shroud but those plans were dropped. Built To Order diesels include new SD70ACE models for Union Pacific #4141, the George Bush 41 engine, and Kansas City Southern #4006 with a patriotic paint scheme that honors our armed forces. There are three SD70AH models for the Union Pacific. An SD70M-2 will be available in six liveries including EMD. The SD38 will be available in six liveries. Lionel is bringing back the Alco S-2 switch engine six roadnames and the Alco S-4 in five roadnames including Northern Pacific #717. Here are some F7 sets and B units that may interest some of our local railfans. The Burlington Northern F7 AA set includes one engine in Great Northern blue and the other in Burlington Northern green. B units are available in BN green and NP black. Also available will be a Chicago Great Western F7 AA set in CGW red and B units available in CGW red and maroon. Other Built To Order F7 sets will be available in Denver & Rio Grande Western, Penn Central, Cotton Belt, Alaska Railroad and Norfolk Southern. B units available too. The Alaska and NS engines will also have available matching passenger car sets. Lionel is introducing some new Vistavision Dome Cars for Amtrak, Auto Train, Pennsylvania, Norfolk & Western and Southern. These new dome passenger cars include a Wi-Fi camera inside the dome which feeds live video as the train moves. You can stream live video to your smart device or television, record and even take still pictures all from the O Scale passenger’s perspective. These are 21” cars. Lionel will offer O scale PS1 boxcars with flat spot freightsounds. That’s the tell-tale “Thump Thump Thump” of a flat-spotted wheel. Maybe someone left a handbrake on or perhaps an emergency brake application – whatever the cause, at least one wheelset in this car has a flat spot and it’s creating quite the racket as it rolls along the rails. The car is available in eight roadnames including Union Pacific, Santa Fe and an orange Great Northern. There will also be some special LED Flag 60’ Boxcars with LED-illuminated stars in the American flag on each side of the car that operates on track power. This car will be available in six different patriotic paint schemes. There’s so much more to talk about about I will save some for next month’s Ramblings. But I had better tell you about the new HO trains that I teased you about. We had heard awhile ago that Lionel had acquired molds from the former Model Power brand so they are starting up HO with these reasonable priced models. Most of the boxcars, tankcars, 2-bay hoppers, covered hoppers and cabooses are only retail priced at $19.99. There are some special flatcars with containers or water tanks that are priced at only $22.99. Some nice looking Harriman passenger coaches are available for only $24.99. There’s a sharp Army Hospital Train Set that includes three passenger coaches plus a Santa Fe steam engine for $349.99. There are some additional Army cars including a boxcar, tankcar, flatcar with water tanks and a separate Army Medical Corps hospital passenger coach. There are new HO buildings, accessories and assorted figure sets. What is really neat is the NEW MagneLock HO tracks. All track has nickel silver rail and is Code 83, except for some Code 100 Flex Track. Lionel will also offer Flex Track in Code 83. The new MagneLock HO tracks just snap together and held together with magnets. Track sizes initially include 9 inch, 5 inch and 4 ½ inch straights, 20 inch radius curves and half curves. Lionel will also be offering 33 inch and 36 inch wheelsets and HO metal knuckle couplers. That’s about all I have to share this month. Next month I’ll touch on the Lionel Traditional O guage and American Flyer S gauge offerings.

I’m looking forward to our 50th Anniversary meeting on September 8 at the Murzyn Hall. Maybe I’ll even price some on my ‘for-sale’ items at special Anniversary prices.

Roundhouse Rick Krenske.