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WOW, I can’t believe that it’s time for us to gather at Merzyn Hall again this Sunday, September 9, 2018. Summer is slipping away, the Minnesota State Fair is over, and the TCMRM Fall Hobby Sale at the Fairgrounds is less than two weeks away. First of all I would like to say thank-you to the 45 to 50 people who showed up at our summer outing, Sunday August 12th at the Twin City Model Railroad Museum. TCA member Oscar Lund was our host and he gave us a nice history lesson on the club with the help of TCA member Al Osterud. We got to stay after hours to enjoy the layouts. Lakes & Pines provided Subway sandwiches, chips and drinks for everybody. John and Susan Ellingson provided a specially decorated cake for desert. Roundhouse Rick brought along a military train to operate on the Corrigan layout. It was headed by the Lionel 2012 remake of the Marine Alco A #221 plus a matching B unit that was never produced originally. Rolling stock consisted of a Lionel Army Firecar and a Menards Army tankcar, boxcar with an ammunition load and a long flatcar with a fantastic looking generator and two operating spotlights. On the rear was an excellent example of the Lionel #6517 baywindow caboose with underscored building date. Oscar Lund invited TCA members to join the club and come on down to run trains. This is a great idea if you don’t have a layout at home yourself. The Corrigan layout has four mainlines, and you can borrow one to run your personal favorites. Everyone had a great time. Anyone have any ideas for next year? Yes, it’s time for the train club flea markets to begin once again. On Saturday, September 15, the Twin City Model Railroad Museum will hold its Fall Hobby Sale in the Education Building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds from 9AM to 3PM. I’m not sure if there are still any tables available, but you can email Sara Fish at hobbysaleinfo@tcmrm.org to find out. There will be a Model Train, Truck and Tractor Show September 22 at St Michael’s Church, Community Center, Bullis Street and Minnesota Highway 60 in Kenyon Minnesota from 9AM to 3PM. This is located 14 miles east of Faribault on MN Highway 60 or 14 miles west of Highway 52 on Highway 60. Hey dealers, tables are only $10. For more info contact Wayne M. at 507-789-5457. On October 13 & 14, the West Wisconsin Railroad Club will hold their 17th Annual Train Show in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. For more info contact John at 715-834-6475. On October 20, the Newport Club will hold their flea market at the Woodbury High School. For more info contact Ed Petry at sierraed@usfamily.net LIONEL RELEASES ITS VOLUME 2 2018 CATALOG WITH MOSTLY NEW ITEMS Just like last year, Lionel’s Volume 2 catalog is basically all NEW items. I counted the word NEW 311 times. The catalog starts with a new Visionline Challenger Locomotive. This engine comes lettered for Clinchfield, D&RGW and Union Pacific. There are six Union Pacific versions with one being a “What if” paint scheme based on the “49er” paint scheme. That scheme is pretty wild so I don’t know how many people will want to spend $1999.99 on that one. There are also Vision Auxiliary Water Tenders for $499.99 for all those engines including the Union Pacific “49er” paint scheme. Also available are Vision Challenger Express Boxcars and a CA-4 Caboose. Individual express boxcars are $64.99 and the caboose is $99.99. Does anybody have deep pockets? I also assume that all the engines that I’m telling you about will be “Built to Order”. Next the catalog shows a Brass Hybrid Norfolk & Western K2 4-8-2 in four numbers for $1399.99. A USRA Light Mountain 4-8-2 will come in nine paint schemes, including Soo Line and a green & red North Pole Central for $1299.99. A Southern Pacific A-6 4-4-2 will come in three paint schemes. Lionel also provides a version in a Union Pacific “What if” Grayhound scheme, plus a Chicago & NorthWestern and an Illinois Central model with appropriate tenders for $799.99. A Warren G. Harding Funeral Train is headed by a Pennsylvania K4 4-6-2 with four heavyweight passenger cars for $1999.99. A model of the engine only with a long haul tender will be available for $1299.99. A now for all the new “Built to Order” diesels. First is a brand new Alco PA AA in six paint schemes including Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Also Alco SuperBass B-units will be available. The Alco RS11 returns in seven roadnames including a green Burlington Northern and a roadname I’ve never heard of before – Depew Lancaster & Western. The EMD SD40-2 comes in a number of paint schemes that should interest local railfans. There are two models of green Burlington Northern engines, a Milwaukee Road paint scheme plus a Milwaukee Road Bicentennial #156, a Soo Line “Bandit” and the Wisconsin & Southern. The GE C44-9W “Dash 9” comes in seven paint schemes including BNSF. Now onto the new rolling stock. There are brand new bunk cars, tool cars and kitchen cars with sounds. These cars are made with all new tooling and are really nice. Next are FreightSounds Reefers where you can hear the clickety-clacks, bumps and squeals as they roll along. Are you ready for some 86’ boxcars? These cars are 21 ½ inches long so you need quite a big layout to handle them. There are also new 52’ coil gondolas, 50’ double-door boxcars and CA-4 Union Pacific cabooses. New heavyweight passenger cars will be available in Southern, Sunshine Special, and Southern Pacific, plus a set for Halloween, including a special End of the Line RS-11 diesel engine. The Traditional O Gauge section starts with new Thomas & Friends products. There are new Percy, James and Diesel engine sets plus individual Thomas, Percy, James and Diesel engines plus new add-on cars and a new covered bridge. There’s a new limited edition collectible Mickey Celebration LionChief Set with only 1928 being made. The engine also has removable Mickey Ears. A new New York Central Flyer set features an 0-8-0 with complete valve gear. A Thomas Kincade Christmas set has a special metallic finish. There’s also a really sharp Well Stocked Shelves Angella Trotta Thomas boxcar. There are new Autoracks in five roadnames and three new Maxi Stack cars with two removable containers per car. There’s a new Defect Detector accessory that actually counts the axles going by on your train and then announces the axle count, approximate train speed and the occasional defect. It comes with a 5 inch O Gauge FasTrack Section. And now onto the American Flyer section. The only new Built to Order engine in this catalog is a General Electric U33C with Legacy control. It comes in six paint schemes including Burlington Northern, that features the Great Northern blue paint scheme. There are also new bunk cars and kitchen cars, somewhat like the ones featured in O gauge, for the roadnames MOW, Santa Fe, New York Central and Union Pacific. New tankcars come in six roadnames including one for the Polar Express. There are five new gondolas with coil covers. The most interesting car in the S-gauge catalog is this last item. Lionel shows five Autoracks with the roadnames Burlington Northern, Conrail, Grand Trunk, Southern Pacific and TTX. These are exactly the same cars as shown in the Traditional O Gauge section, but these cars come on S-gauge trucks. The Lionel catalog even mentions that you can add two numbers per roadname by changing out the trucks on the O gauge cars. How does that grab you American Flyer fans? That wraps it up for the Lionel Volume 2 – 2018 catalog. So now we will meet this coming Sunday at the John P Murzyn Hall for the first of our Lakes & Pines fall get-togethers. Our open meet will be in November. 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